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Release Date : September 11, 2014

1. Love Come Home (Todd Terry's In-House Mix)

2. Love Come Home (Phill Wellz Energy Radio Edit)

3. Love Come Home (Andy Sikorski Global Radio Edit)

4. Love Come Home (Hermanos Iglesos Hermanos Radio Edit)

5. Love Come Home (Subgroover Music Video Edit)

6. Love Come Home (Todd Terry Tee's Freeze Mix)

7. Love Come Home (Phill Wellz Energy Club Mix)

8. Love Come Home (Andy Sikorski Global Club Mix)

9. Love Come Home (Hermanos Iglesos RMX Club Mix)

10. Love Come Home (Todd Terry Mix Feat. Adrian Ortega Mix)

11. Love Come Home (Phill Wellz Energy Dub)

12. Love Come Home (Any Sikorski Global Dub)

13. Love Come Home (Hermanos Iglesos RMX Dub)

14. Love Come Home (Todd Terry Dub)

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